Foto: Dirk Thys

In Equilibrium

Throwing on the potter’s wheel is and will always be an important part in the creational process of my work; and styling is primary.The design must be able to exist in itself. For me this is so important, that I might well look upon myself as a sculptor rather than a ceramist. I use clay merely as a means to communicate. The fantastic material that can be cast or shaped. That one can mould and style to perfection by fixing, cutting loose again, colouring, scratching, giving it a structure or a pattern, by glazing it or by making  it transparent. All possibilities are within one’s reach and anything is possible or allowed. Freedom! I consider. Unconsciously I look for shapes with contradictions. Fascinating, set and unstable, in search of light and dark, shadow. By chance, deliberately giving away feelings. Translating and conveying emotions in three dimensions. Communication is important, is relief.